Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silly boys, great Smiles and the Pumpkin Patch

It has been a while since the last pictures, but what can I say, I'm a little busy keeping these two out of trouble. Caden is really needing to be potty trained, but doesn't really want to learn. All he does know for sure is that he doesn't like the feel of poopy diapers and so he takes it off immediately wherever he is whatever he is doing. Even while playing at McDonald's! It has been a long few weeks with lots of frustration....I think Brian is taking it the hardest of all of us!

So enjoy the picture, and I will try to do better!

Big Smiles!
Just Chillin'
"I have an evil plan..."
Caden is bigger now...but for how long?
I know there is a hole in here somewhere.

We took a really cool train-ride up to Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Patch. It was a lot of fun.

Roasting marshmallows

Caden LOVES the characters. He couldn't get enough of them.

Posing pretty!
He even likes the small red-neck train!

Mommy and her boys!

Pax taking it in.

"What can I get into?"
Pax loves to bounce!

Caden LOVES Monkey Joes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Sunday Hike

Again we had great morning weather so we hit the trails. We have begun to hit a groove with packing up an getting out of the house of these days it will be a routine, and we all know how much I love routines!

Caden, in his typical fashion, had to explore natures great wonders at his own pace, which turned a 2.4 mile hike that should have taken about an hour into a 2.25 hr expedition. But the joy that Brian and I get from watching Caden explore and learn makes up for the slow pace. We both did much better this weekend on the same trail from last week...we reversed the order that we took it and it was much less difficult. Next week we will extend our length to 3-4 miles....I hope neither one of us have a heart attack!

So I guess I will shut up and let you enjoy the pictures!

Family picture...isn't it sweet!

Too much excitement for Pax.

They didn't teach this in survival training!!!

Isn't he handsome.

Mr. Cool

Nothing is too much a challenge for Caden!

Mr. Independant didn't want help, even when he high-centered!

Even balance skills are easily conquered!

Looking cool in our sunglasses.

Mr. Big Man

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Hiking, The Zoo and First Bites

We had lots going on this week. We started the week with our first ex-rays... for PAX!!! I had money on the fact that Caden would be the first one, but I was wrong. Paxton was in his bumbo seat on the table and I turned my back for just a minute to get Caden more food and the next thing I know I hear a horrible crash and Pax is face down on the floor...still in the seat. So we made a mad dash to the pediatrician who sent us to get x-rays to make sure that there were no facial or skull fractures. Thank goodness he was ok, minus his first little black eye. I on the other hand was a nut case. I felt like the worst mother in the world. I think the doctor was much more worried about my mental state than Pax's physical!

Moving on through the week we started Pax on solid food, and surprise, surprise, he is a major chow-hound. He was like a little bird after the very first didn't take him any time to figure out the eating thing.

We also went to the zoo with the MomsClub. Caden was excited to see some of the larger animals, but the smaller stuff was not too interesting. His did laugh HARD at the large tortoises who were "wrestling". I guess a boys fascination with the "birds and the bees" starts early.

We ended the week by taking another hike on Paris Mtn. This trail was 2.4 miles long and nearly kicked my butt (and Brian's, although he won't admit it) in a couple of places, but we made it. I am seriously out of shape... although I am using the excuse of the extra 30lbs on my back to justify the struggle. Pax has a big boy pack now too because he was getting to long and to heavy to wear in the front carrier.

So enjoy the picts from this week.

Pax's Big Boy Pack- or Mommy's Monkey on her back!

Never leave home without your juice...always hydrate!
And daddy is back doing the Captain Morgan apparently.
"Man this hiking thing is tough work, I think I will just take a nap..."

Smooth Ridin'

What is mine is mine and what is brothers is mine!
Cozy rides at the zoo.

Caden is not big on posing for pictures... he is afraid he will miss the action.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Talented Pax... managed to get his rattle on his foot! (This is pre-falling off the table and ER visit, needless to say we don't sit like this anymore!)

Happy Pax!

Hungry Pax!

"Is this how i do it?"

Faster, daddy, faster!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paxton's Baby picts and Family Photos

We have the baby pictures of Paxton and the family pictures we took at the beginning of June back. So there are a lot of neat pictures to finally put up for all to see. The photographer, Valerie White, is super talented and these 20 or so that I posted are just a few of the many wonderful pictures that she took for us. So enjoy!